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       Through years of development, the technology center of Oxiranchem has developed a series of production and the applied technology of ethylene oxide derivatives chemical products , such as the ethoxylation catalysis technology, the ethoxylation reaction process strengthening technology, the ethoxylation catalysis fractionation technology, cutting fluid matching technology, the special acrylic ester esterification technology and fatty acid estter alkoxyl technology. And the most core and general technology are the ethoxylation technologies, including ethoxylation processing technology, the ethoxyation setup technology, the ethoxylation application technology. Oxiranchem has gained certification of 22 provincial-level scientific and technological achievements and new products,the new produts were put into mass production and reached international advanced level and domestic advanced level respectively; gained 1 state’s key new products,more than 10 provincial-level outstanding new products and scientific and technological progress award first,second and third. Many projects were listed on the National Torch Program. The project of polysilicon cutting fluid which annual production capacity is 3 million tons was included in the Liaoning province 100 key projects,applied 19 patents and got authorized patents 3, involved in the formulation of national and industry standards7.

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