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Jilin Oxiranchem New Material Company Ltd.


established: Dec.30,2006 

registed capital: 30 million RMB 

investment: 30 million RMB 

address: #3 north side of economic and technology developing area of Jilin City,Jilin Province 

legal representative: Mr.Zhu Jian Min 

business scope: alcohol ehter, monoethanolamine, triethanolamine,chemical produts (not include dangeous chemicals)sales , chemicals products import & export 
Liaoning Oxiranchem,Inc invested 30 million yuan,hold 100% sharehold of Jilin Oxiranchem New Material Company Ltd.

Jilin Oxiranchem New Material Company Ltd. is one of the production bases of Liaoning Oxiranchem,Inc .located in Jilin Province.

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