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Oxiranchem (Jiangsu) Chemical Co., Ltd


 Oxiranchem (Jiangsu) Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest wholly owned subsidiary of Liaoning Oxirnachem Inc. It was founded on January 15, 2009, with a registered capital of 300 million RMB. It is located in Yizheng City, Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park, covering an area of about 600 Mu. The construction started in June 2009, and the largest compound production line of cutting fluid was built and put into operation in October 2010. In October 2011, the office building, the R&D center and conference center building were completed and put into operation successively. On December 2014, the first phase of the project with an annual output of 200k t/a of EO and 300k t/a tons of EOD fine chemical new materials was completed and put into operation. The project adopts the latest catalyst of Shell Technology and the most advanced polymerization technology of Oxiranchem. It is the largest all commodity ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide deep processing unit in China. The completion and operation of this series of devices not only become a new profit support for Oxiranchem, enhance its core competitiveness in polyether industry, but also lay a solid foundation for development of new ethylene oxide derived green low carbon materials in the future. 

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